Different Trailers For Different Jobs

Different Trailers For Different Jobs

Different Trailers For Different Jobs

When you need to transport several tons of cargo out of Lafayette, IN and across the United States, the best way to do it is with an 18-wheeler truck.  These massive vehicles can tow incredible amounts of cargo along the highway system and get your goods exactly where they need to go, and they can do so at a very reasonable shipping cost.  However, you’ll need to choose the right trailer for the job, because there are dozens of designs out there and each one is suited for specific kinds of cargo.

Dry Van

The dry van is what you normally think of when you think about a big-rig trailer.  It’s a long box that can carry a lot of dry, solid cargo stacked on pallets and secured with rope, plastic, or other tie-downs.  Most businesses need to use dry vans to ship at least some of their goods across the country, and if that's what you need you can be confident that there will always be one ready to handle your next load.

Refrigerated Van

A refrigerated van, or reefer, has the same basic interior as a dry van.  However, it also has an insulated exterior and a refrigeration unit that can bring the internal temperature down to near or below the freezing point.  If you want to ship perishable goods like food, flowers, or wine out of Lafayette, IN, then you’ll probably need a reefer van.  Even goods like cosmetics and electronics should be protected with insulation or refrigeration since truck vans can get extremely hot on the inside during the summer months.

Flatbed Trailer

A flatbed is a long platform without a container on top.  Flatbeds are best for cargo that wouldn’t fit inside a van trailer or cargo that needs to be loaded up and taken out from the sides.  There are several kinds of flatbed trailers available, and each shape works well for different kinds of cargo.  Vehicles, pipes, logs, and buildings can be carried on a flatbed, but when the top and sides are open it’s even more important to strap the cargo in as tightly as possible.

Tanker Trailer

A tanker trailer holds wet cargo like water or fuel, or it can hold loose cargo like grain.  These trailers are round because that helps them take the sideways pressure fluids deliver, and they come with a complex set of openings and drains that keeps the cargo safe during transport but lets the whole tanker empty out when the truck reaches its destination.  Tankers require extra driver certifications and cost more than a dry van, but they’re the only way to transport wet goods across the road.

With the right trailer, a single semi-trailer truck can transport tons of goods from place to place in a matter of days.  However, you’ll need to make sure your contract with a company you can trust to get your goods where they’re going quickly and safely.  So if you live in Lafayette, IN, be sure to call Spurlock Transport and rely on our convenient scheduling, guaranteed pricing, and fully insured transportation services.