How eCommerce May Be Changing the Trucking Landscape

How eCommerce May Be Changing the Trucking Landscape

With the rise of Amazon, eCommerce grew. It grew so much that it impacted the flow of transportation and logistics, thereby changing the trucking landscape for the future. Retail eCommerce sales are up by billions of dollars and this doesn't just account for regular retail items.

More people in Lafayette are going online to order car parts as well instead of going into the store. This means that for some trucking companies, they see much more frequent and smaller trips needing to be made to accommodate for the increased sales.

Shorter Haul Lengths

Ultimately, we see shorter haul lengths as the result of eCommerce. There are more distribution centers being placed throughout the country as a way to fulfill online orders more quickly. This is also how the haul lengths are becoming shorter.

Additional Service Requests and Add Ons

More and more trucking companies in IN are also adding other delivery service options as a way to gain even more business. As online shopping continues to increase, more people are looking into the on-site installation of larger purchases, such as appliances.

The Demand for Better Tracking

With the need for tracking due to online sales, more information is being requested from trucking and shipping companies. Some are even using telematics devices among different carriers.

Increased Traffic on City Roads and Highways

Freight volume on the highways has also seen an increase by about 45 percent over previous years. Traffic is increased on local roads and neighboring communities which has been found to cause air and noise pollution. The traffic is also causing a problem for trucking companies and carriers who are trying to find the best routes and stick to their delivery schedules.

Adapting to Changes in the Industry

As eCommerce continues to grow and evolve steadily, the trucking industry is going to continue to face different challenges and opportunities. More pressure is being placed on freight transportation with strategies referred to as just in time and just in case strategies. Companies need to meet the demands of impatient customers.

More and more shippers are also looking for carriers and freight service providers offering more multi-modal capabilities.

As you can see, there is an ever growing pressure being placed on the trucking industry to adjust their operations and further adapt to smaller delivery windows and shorter hauls. When it comes to local drivers, this may be good because it can keep them closer to home. However, in the case of fleet and truckload carriers, there may be higher turnover rates as drivers are being lured away.

Becoming More Flexible for the Future

Unfortunately, to keep up, the trucking industry needs to continue to make changes and remain flexible as eCommerce grows. While there is a growing demand for truck transportation, there is also the opportunity to expand.

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