How To Choose The Right Company To Transport Your Freight

How To Choose The Right Company To Transport Your Freight

When you have freight that needs to be shipped, many Lafayette companies look at the price quote and not beyond that. While the cost is an excellent place to start, it is important that the freight company you talk to can tell you what they are providing you for that price quote. This way you can ensure that you are not only getting a reasonable price but the service you need for your freight to get there in a timely manner. We have listed three important factors to take into consideration when choosing the right transportation service for you:


  1. Years In Business:


The first thing you should determine is how long the company has been in business. Established companies usually have ways to ensure your freight gets to its destination quickly and safely. Many of them have training programs for their employees to safeguard loads and get them delivered without incident. New companies are usually in the process of establishing routes and training so you may not get your freight delivered on time and you may experience other glitches.


  1. Staff:


A professional company will have the staff and equipment you need to load and deliver your freight in a timely fashion. You do not want to wait days until the company can come to Lafayette and pick up your car, antiques, or products. Added to that if the company has a small staff and the wrong equipment, you can expect to pay extra as your transport will take longer.


  1. Equipment:


This is a major factor when it comes to loading your freight. Most companies provide two loading options: palletized and loose. Many businesses prefer to go with their freight palletized as it is more secure and is quick to load. So if this is your choice, the company needs to have access to a forklift, or they cannot load your freight. The benefit of choosing loose freight you get more into the truck as it can be stacked. But! It has to be loaded manually, which requires a lot of manpower and will cost you extra if the transport company does not have enough staff.


  1. Size Of The Load:


When choosing a transport company you also need to look at the size of the load. You need to ask if the company offers partial and full-size loads. Many companies only ship full-size loads. If the company doesn’t, you may end up switching between companies if you find that you require a partial load instead of your usual load.


As a Lafayette business owner you have enough to worry about than worrying that your freight gets to its destination, safe, secure and on time. Choosing the right  transport company will make that job easier. At Spurlock Transport Inc, we are here to ensure that your freight goals are met. Licensed and insured, you will not have to worry about your shipments or where they are. We believe each of our clients deserve dependable service, fast delivery and complete satisfaction. Call us and see how reasonable our quotes are.