How To Ship Perishables So They Stay Fresh

How To Ship Perishables So They Stay Fresh

Retailers in Lafayette, IN that sell perishable goods have a unique situation to contend with when it comes to getting their inventory. The shipping process is a delicate one, and you’ll want to make sure you get the inventory you need without risking the freshness of the product. Finding the right transport company in Lafayette, IN is undoubtedly important, and so is how your goods are packaged to ensure they arrive at their destination fresh.


For businesses that supply these fresh goods, your transport choices are even more important. If your goods don’t arrive to their final destination fresh, you may lose crucial buyers that keep your business going. The right packaging and the right transport company make all the difference in successful sales and the future success of your business.


Tips For Packing And Shipping Your Perishable Goods


A few tips can make a much more confident experience out of your shipping experience. You have the best transport company in Lafayette, IN, and now you simply have to focus on how you’re loading these trucks up. A few tips for packing and shipping your perishable goods are:


  • Pad and pack – When you’re shipping fruit and vegetables, bruising is a major concern. Friction and pumping while traveling can cause your produce to bruise and spoil, which makes it far less likely to sell or impress your retail buyers. When packing your produce, make sure to pad packages with soft materials so that the skin of the fruits or vegetables don’t take any abuse while in transit.


  • Seal up baked goods – Baked goods should be soft, fresh, and taste just like they just came from the oven. Using plastic wrap to ensure a complete and airtight seal will ensure your baked goods get to their destination just as fresh as when they left your bakery or oven.


  • Use proper insulation – If you’re shipping foods that need to be cold or frozen, the right insulation will make all the difference. Refrigerated trucking helps to ensure they get to faraway destinations without spending time in the “danger zone” of temperature, but you’ll want to keep the insulation in mind as well. Sturdy foam insulated containers keep these perishables safe while in transit from one place to the next.


  • Choose the right shipping company – For perishable goods, it’s important that your shipment gets to where it’s going fast, and that you’ve chosen a shipping company you can really rely on. Make sure to investigate your chosen transport provider thoroughly, and that you have complete faith in their ability to get your goods from point A to point B without worry.


The Right Shipping For All Your Needs


Finding the right shipping for all of your needs is paramount to the success of your business, and the success of your transactions with buyers or clients. If you’re looking for that shipping company that gives you complete peace of mind, contact us at Spurlock to see what we can do for you today.