Important Freight Shipping Issues You Should Be Aware Of

Important Freight Shipping Issues You Should Be Aware Of

Freight shipping can easily be considered a complicated market and can involve many different factors when it comes to improving the speed, efficiency, and customer satisfaction that you have worked hard to build your brand on.

The logistics industry has a lot of moving parts and with so many parts, many freight shipping issues and mistakes can happen. The best way to overcome these challenges, it first understanding them and then coming to a solution that is best for everyone.

When you can eliminate common freight shipping mistakes and issues, you can focus on other parts of the business that are even more important.

Listing Incorrect Weights

Reweighs is one of the more common issues that people in the shipping industry see on a daily basis. When the weight that is listed on the Bill of Lading (BOL) is incorrect, then everything needs to be weighed again. When this happens, it can add more costs to the shipment, even after it has been invoiced. The heavier the shipment, the more it costs to ship.

To get over this issue, you should never lie about the weight on a BOL. You should also list an accurate weight and not guess. If you don't have a scale, approximate but use odd numbers rather than even, and remember that the listed weight is the total weight, including the pallet and any packaging.

Incorrectly Packaged Freight

Incorrect packaging of freight can result in damaged freight. With the right packaging, it is much easier for the carrier to transfer the shipment more effectively without anything sustaining any kind of damage.

If there is a truckload shipment, it is best for that truckload to remain on the same truck to reduce any chance of damage.

Miscalculated Freight Times

The transit times are always going to estimate and they typically don't include weekends and holidays. People often confuse transit times and unrealistic expectations are set for freight delivery. This can lead to some very upset people on both sides.

Transit times are estimated because delays may be caused by a number of factors including weather and traffic. It is an industry-wide standard to estimate these times and the only way to ever get around it is by guaranteeing a shipment. Not many people will guarantee the shipment.

With that being said, transit times are estimates and do not typically include the day the freight is picked up and if something needs to be delivered by a specific date, then it may cost more to pin down a guaranteed shipment with the carrier.

As you can see, there are many issues that can arise when it comes to shipping freight. However, to get over these humps and avoid these issues, you need to familiarize yourself with how everything in the industry actually works, so you can get a better idea about the logistics of everything involved in shipping.

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