Tips And Tricks For Shipping Your Produce

Tips And Tricks For Shipping Your Produce

It’s a fact that not all produce is able to grow in all areas. For instance, the oranges that grow so well in Florida aren’t going to fare very well where they’re also needed in Minnesota. In order for the people of Lafayette, IN to get all of the produce they need, produce suppliers rely on shipping and transport professionals to get their deliveries where they need to go. For produce suppliers, this can be a stressful experience. You want your wares to reach their destinations unblemished, delicious, and as fresh as they were the day they were picked.


Choosing a reliable, professional, and high quality transporting service is the first step to ensuring your cargo gets to its destination with freshness as a priority, but that’s not all you have to worry about. While you’re packaging up your produce in Lafayette, IN some considerations should be made to ensure your produce stays undamaged during this transport period.


Tips For Fresher Produce Transport


A few tips can help you to ensure a successful produce shipping experience. These include:


  • Choose a refrigerated truck – While transporting produce across the country, choosing a refrigerated transport truck is important. This will ensure your produce remains as fresh as possible while traveling from point A to point B. A professional and experienced trucking provider will be able to supply just the type of refrigerated transport you’re looking for, whether you’re shipping produce, medication, or any other temperature sensitive cargo. Even a degree or two off can damage your cargo, so making a careful choice in transport provider is important.


  • Cushion your boxes – While you’re packing your produce in boxes and readying it to be loaded into your transport vehicle, how you pack these boxes matters. Separators should be used between layers of produce, and pieces should be kept from bumping into one another. The more your produce moves while in transit, the more likely it is to arrive to its final destination with bruising and imperfections.


  • Loading the transport vehicle – As you load the transport vehicle, make sure to place the heaviest produce or boxes on the bottom and work lighter as you go upwards. This will help to avoid boxes moving around while in the transport vehicle, and it will prevent your more delicate boxes from being crushed.


What To Look For In Your Transport Service


When shipping produce, the transport service you choose in Lafayette, IN is crucial. Make sure the vehicle is clean to prevent cross contamination, make sure the truck can provide safe and even temperature control, ask carriers if they’ve been provided with proper training, and make sure documentation of compliance is available. At Spurlock, our vehicles are always kept in compliance with all regulations, and our drivers are ready to answer any questions you may have. We know how important your cargo is, so we treat it as if it were our very own. If you’re interested in produce shipping, contact us at Spurlock to see what our transport services can do for you.