Using the Seasons to Your Advantage When Shipping

Using the Seasons to Your Advantage When Shipping

Every year there is what is known as the produce season. It is a very chaotic time in the shipping and freight industry as people are looking to different shipping processes as they consider their budget and needs in IN.

Some of the smaller trucking service chains may not be able to keep up with the demand during this time, but you still need someone to meet your capacity.

Here is some valuable information on how to use the seasons to your advantage when shipping freight in IN.

The Best Freight Services

During this hectic time during peak season, it is essential to have a reliable partner that will ensure that everything runs smoothly. When looking for a reliable partner, make sure they can optimize capacity without sacrificing the budget.

During peak season, trucking companies are already expecting higher shipping volumes, but if they are a professional and reliable company, then they are already prepared to handle it. Trucking companies are looking to maximize their profits during every peak season, so they are willing to compromise to come up with the best and most appropriate solution for everyone.

Shipping Produce During Peak Season

Supply and demand are definitely in the equation between March and July. There is a high demand for equipment and shipping, and trucking companies are finding their way in with competitive pricing options.

It is also a challenge when it is perishable freight. There are specific windows of time that need to be met, and there is far less flexibility with higher demand. This is what ultimately shrinks the trucking companies' capacity. There may be a shortage of temperature-controlled trucks as well because they will be in the highest demand for the season.

How to Survive the Season

There are a few things you can do to plan ahead and survive this hectic season.

  • Plan Ahead. Even a more educated guess over nailed down calculations can help as you search for carriers. Advance notice when finding the carrier can help cut down on costs and offer you a bit more in the way of flexibility than if you waited until the last minute when demand is at its highest.
  • Fair and Reasonable. Find a fair and reasonable shipper. A good shipping company will do what it can to work with you to come up with a good solution for getting the freight to where it needs to be on time.
  • Full Service. Another way to save time and money is by finding a full-service solution to fulfill all your shipping needs. A full-service solution will quote you a price and set up the delivery. They will handle the pickup and will then prepare for the next shipment. You can choose to use your own trailers or one of theirs to get the job done.

Realize the Benefits

When you can begin to realize the benefits of trucking and logistics to help you get your shipments to where they need to be on time, you will find better shipping rates as you become a loyal customer, even during peak season.

For more information on shipping and freight options available to you, contact Spurlock in Lafayette, IN today.