Modern Trailers Need Modern Maintenance

Modern Trailers Need Modern Maintenance

Professional transportation in Lafayette, IN has come a long way from just being about big trucks hauling big freight. In 2019 alone, nearly 220 billion dollars worth of goods were imported into the country, and it was up to logistics businesses to ensure that a supply chain was maintained and freight got to its intended destination.

Trucking in Lafayette, IN makes up one more important link in that supply chain, with nearly 71% of the goods in the USA delivered to their destination by truck. Trucks and the infrastructure around them have evolved over the decades to meet the intensive demands of hauling vast amounts of freight over enormous distances.

But this also means that the way that freight is hauled has been changed.

It’s Not Just The Truck

The truck is the primary means of moving freight from one point to another, but while the truck is the mover, it is the trailers that act as the actual carriers. Decades of input and research in logistics have evolved trailers. What started as humble, simple conveyors like wagons being pulled by horses have now turned into sophisticated container systems with their own wheel and power needs.

Today’s trailers are semi-mobile and are designed to assist the trucker, not just be a burden. Tires on trailers are of the same quality and have the same intensive demands as the trailers on the truck itself. Today’s trailers have their own braking system as well so that the burden of control is not just on the truck itself. The modern semi-mobile trailer helps the trucker; it’s not just a simple container to hold freight.

Repairs Matter More

This means, however, that more things can potentially go wrong with a trailer that needs to be addressed. Unlike people who get into cars or SUVs simply to drive to work, a breakdown with a trailer is more than an inconvenience and a need to find temporary compensation.

When trailers can’t haul freight, this is a severe interruption in a carefully coordinated supply chain that relies on precision hand-offs from one link in that chain to the next to meet a schedule. This means that even a slight delay, such as being forced to travel to another destination for a fix in a garage, can cause many problems.

Bringing The Fix To You

Fortunately, some services understand how important it is not to break a link in the supply chain. Mobile trailer repair services are offered by some truck repair facilities precisely because of the need to get up and running as quickly as possible.

Everything from brake repair to tire replacement may be on offer while you’re on the road. Even crucial fixes like roll-up doors or door panels can be addressed without the need to divert to a garage. But only if you know the right services to call when you need them.

So if you’re driving here in Lafayette, IN and you a trailer that needs a repair while you’re on the road, we can help. Remember to contact Spurlock Transport, and we’ll send a mobile repair crew to where you are, and minimize your loss of time.