Signs It Is Time For A Trucking Trailer Repair

Signs It Is Time For A Trucking Trailer Repair

Like homes, cars, or any other piece of equipment or structure, trucking trailers will begin to break down over time. When you’re out on the road making deliveries and transporting goods in Lafayette, IN, you don’t want to find yourself in an emergency repair situation that leaves you, your cargo, or other drivers on the road vulnerable. Knowing these early signs that trucking trailer repair is needed is your way to ensure safety and security while out on the road. 

Breaking Down The Signs

Some signs will be obvious, and others less so. Regardless of how obvious a sign may be, it’s important to remember it and consider it before taking on your next delivery. Keeping a safe and well-functioning truck and trailer is ensuring your safety, the safety of others, and the safety of the cargo you’re carrying. Some of these signs that trucking trailer repair is needed are: 

  • Your pressure and tread depth is off – If you’re driving all throughout the summer in Lafayette, IN, or you’re traveling to warm locations, you might be putting extra wear and tear on your trailer tires. Heat causes tires to break down more quickly, and the signs that this may be occurring are low pressure in tires and tire tread depth being off. Letting these problems go too long could lead to a blowout on the road, which can put you and your fellow drivers in danger. If you sense anything is off about your tires, it’s time to take your trailer in for tire repair straight away. 

  • Your trailer is jerking back and forth – If you feel like your trailer is jerking back and forth while driving on the road, this is a sure sign of an off alignment. Preventative maintenance and regular trailer checkups can fix these issues before they get too intense and begin to affect your driving. 

  • Use your nose – If the inside of your trailer begins to smell like the air when standing right outside of your vehicle, this could be pointing to a carbon monoxide leak within the trailer. When this occurs, it’s important to leave the trailer, roll all windows down in the truck, and to drive your Lafayette, IN trailer in for repair as soon as possible. 

  • Warning lights come on – If you have warning lights come on in your truck, and you can’t quite figure out why, it could be something pointing to an issue with your trailer. Never ignore warning lights, and make sure your truck and trailer receive a full check-up and repair as soon as possible. 

Keeping Safe On The Road

Knowing when to take your trailer in for repair is an important part of keeping safe on the road. When you put yourself at risk, you’re also risking the lives of other drivers, which is something that no truck driver wishes to do. If you suspect your trailer may be in need of repair, contact us at Spurlock today to learn more about trailer repair.