Signs Your Trailer Needs Repairs

For those driving older trailers that have been used for many miles and many years, you may know that repairs become more frequent. These issues to keep your eye out for are worth knowing, as catching these needs for repair early can mean the difference between a simple and quick fix and a repair that’s really a big deal. You might know what it feels like to have a tire low on air, but there are other signs that you might not be able to pick out so easily.  


The Signs And Clues To Look Out For  

Knowing these signs and clues is important, and it shows you that you should get your trailer some attention straight away in order to keep your rig running safely and smoothly. Some of these signs to look out for include:  


Frequent tire issues

A tire on your trailer blowing out or going completely flat can lead to big and dangerous problems, and not just for you but other drivers on the road as well. If your trailer isn’t driving as smoothly as it normally does, you find that you’re putting air in tires more frequently than you used to, or your tires seem to get progressively more flat, it’s time to look into repairs. Commonly, this will indicate that there is something stuck inside of the tire and that the tire will require a full replacement.  

Your brakes are acting up

If you find that your brakes are suddenly not working normally, or they’re just acting a little different than they normally do, you might be in need of trailer repair. You should stop as easily and as quickly as you should at all times, and any change in this could put you and others in danger. Trailer brakes are used frequently, and this means that they will frequently find themselves in need of repair to remain in good standing.  

You’re leaking fluid

Leaking fluid can be a big deal as it relates to your trailer. The U joint is in charge of powering the differential via the transmission system, and proper lubrication ensures that it always runs smoothly. If the U joint is loose, or there is transmission fluid leaking from underneath, your U joint may be on the verge of failing. Fixing this early and noticing the signs that repair is needed is crucial to an easier repair.  


Keep Safe By Knowing What To Look Out For  

Your trailer should always be kept safe, and keeping safe means knowing what signs to look out for and getting those necessary repairs early. Not only will a failing trailer stop you from carrying out your professional tasks, but it may also lead to a break-down or an accident while out on the road. With regular needed repairs, you’re able to get the benefit of true peace of mind. If your trailer is getting a bit older and may be at risk of breaking down, contact us at Spurlock Transport for more information on trailer repair today.