The Importance Of Trailer Repairs

The Importance Of Trailer Repairs

When you operate a commercial truck or a freight company, it’s obvious that you need to take care of the truck and the engine.  However, many drivers and company managers in Lafayette, IN don’t perform as much trailer maintenance or repair as they should.  After all, with no independent engine or power source, a trailer doesn’t have as much for you to worry about.  But neglecting your trailer maintenance and not inspecting or repairing it often enough can be a very expensive or even dangerous prospect.


Trailer Brakes Are Essential


The braking systems in commercial trucks are very powerful, but there’s a reason why large trailers come with their own brakes.  Heavy freight loads carry a lot of inertia and momentum, and without brakes on the rear tires that inertia can become much harder to stop, especially if you need to turn and brake at the same time.  Without regular inspections, you might not realize when the rear-wheel brakes are running down, or a bad connection could cause the brakes to seize up randomly.  Either situation could cause a serious accident.


Refrigeration Failure Can Be Very Expensive


Companies pay extra for reefer trucks and trailers because they know there’s no other way to get their goods across the country safely.  So if you have a special load and your trailer’s refrigeration unit fails, there’s a very good chance that the whole cargo load will be spoiled, melted, wilted, or otherwise completely ruined.  Sometimes refrigeration units fail, and that’s why freight companies carry insurance, but it still means an overall loss for the company and your client may hold you liable if basic maintenance could have avoided the failure.


Cargo Doors Need To Be Sturdy


Cargo needs to be secure for the long and bumpy ride down America’s highways, but sometimes a strap will break and cargo will roll toward the back and smash into the trailer door.  That’s why trailer doors come with heavy-duty steel reinforcements, and they don’t do as much good if something weakens them or if rust starts eating away at the hinges.  Open-bed trailers don’t even have that kind of protection, and so the straps you use to tie down cargo need to be as tough and sturdy as possible.


Maintained Trailers Last Longer


Eventually, you’ll need to replace your truck when repair costs outweigh the payments you’ll make on a new model.  Aside from the costs, new trucks in Lafayette, IN also come with things like better GPS systems, more comfortable seats, and better fuel efficiency.  However, you can keep a cargo trailer around for decades so long as you replace the wheels, brakes, wiring systems, and other features that wear out over time.


Trailer repair is important because it saves you money in the long run and it can prevent and avoid serious accidents and cargo destruction.  Whether you run a freight company or you’re an independent operator, make sure you keep both your trucks and your trailers in good condition.  And if you need trailer repair or maintenance in Lafayette, IN, Spurlock will be happy to help.