6 Tips For That Big Office Move

6 Tips For That Big Office Move

Relocating your business to or from Lafayette, IN requires a lot of patience and strategy. Stress levels soar through the roof during office moves. Employees experience the anxiety of transitioning, and everyone’s swimming in boxes of office supplies and electronics—it’s hectic!


In fact, the stress of moving is so unavoidable that 78% of managers would rather stay in crowded and unsuitable buildings than go someplace better. Not to worry, though. If you’re moving to or from your IN office, here are some tips to help you along.


Start And Plan Early


Create a strategy as early as possible. Office relocations are a daunting task, so they often have to be planned depending on the size of your business. Small and medium businesses are often planned six months in advance, while large commercial moves take up to two years of planning.


Moves as big as this are not meant to be dealt with within a day. When planning your relocation, decide on the moving date and the timeline of the entire process so you can schedule everything accordingly.


Get Your Proper Packing Supplies Ready


Moving isn’t just about the boxes. Gather your moving blankets or bubble wrap, packing tape, pens and markers for labeling, and clear zip-locked bags. You will need a lot of these, but you’ll also need to invest in the right ones.


Make sure the supplies you get are strong and of the highest quality so you wouldn’t have to deal with boxes tearing up at the seams and office equipment falling off and eventually breaking.


Don’t Forget To Put Labels


Once the packing is complete, it’s time to organize. The easiest way to keep track of your office items is to label or color code everything accordingly. Slap a label on every box you use so that locating them won’t be a chore once the time to unpack at your new location comes.


Protect Your Data


It goes without saying: it’s important to back up your data when moving as accidents or other unexpected events may occur. Important documents, servers, and hard drives are critical to your business. A foolproof way to safeguard your data is to use a cloud-based service or store it in a removable hard drive.


Talk To Your Employees


A must in office relocation is informing your employees about it as early as the planning stage. They are just as involved in this as you are. It can be an unsettling time for them as moving usually means adapting to new procedures.


Keep them up to date with the time schedules, encourage them to create a moving checklist, and send out instructions on how they can pack their desks or cubicles for the move.


Hire A Professional Shipping And Trucking Service Provider


Work with a moving company that not only offers reliable and affordable transportation services but also comes with a staff of highly trained and experienced transport professionals. Trust the experts—they know what they’re doing.


There is a lot to take in and consider when moving your office to or from Lafayette, IN. Don’t underestimate the time and effort it takes to relocate. It’ll save you and your employees from the headache.


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