How the Summer Can Affect Your Supply Chain

How the Summer Can Affect Your Supply Chain

When it comes to the freight and trucking market in the United States, we see three clear cycles. These cycles include seasonal demand, annual procurement, and market capacity. Seasonal demand is easy to see during the summer months.

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer shipping around the country. But how can this affect your supply chain and shipments?

Food and Beverage Season

Food and beverage industries really take hold during the summer months. As the weather becomes hotter in the south, more southern regions find themselves shipping and migrating north. With an influx of summer activities and parties, demand is also high, which means more soda, beer, and snacks are being shipped.

The Impact of Summer

So, how does this impact your supply chain in Lafayette?

Higher Volume

During the summer, the shipping of food and beverage items increase by about 25 percent. While this increase in volume is good for Lafayette freight companies, it can also cause a few disruptions for those trying to ship the goods. Refrigerated freight transport during the summer will also be especially high when compared to other seasons.

Staggered Freight Surges

A freight surge isn't going to happen at the same time everywhere in the country. Instead, they are staggered and occur at different times and in different locations. Some freight carriers even find themselves moving to areas where shipping is surging so they can maximize their profits. However, this can disrupt other locations.

Fluctuating Spot Rates

Finally, there is also often a fluctuation when it comes to spot rates. As freight carriers move toward opportunities, the rates will vary depending on the demand in the area.

Country Opening Up

We also find ourselves amid a pandemic. More and more businesses, however, have begun to open, and this is also causing issues in the freight industry as well. Freight companies who want to keep their drivers and staff safe are trying to find ways to do so without having to drastically change or limit availability.

Supply chains are learning that flexibility during this time is key and finding a carrier that can shift with the needs of a business is essential.

Limit Supply Chain Disruptions

As a business, there are things you can do to help limit any disruptions to the supply chain. For example, optimize the routing guide. Do this before any surges or spikes are expected. Check in with your freight carrier regularly to see what their capacity is. You want to make sure they can handle your freight shipping when you need it the most.

You can also maximize lead time. This means, plan ahead. The more notice you can give your freight carrier, the less likely a severe chain supply disruption will be.

For any other questions you have about shipping your freight in Lafayette, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Spurlock to see what you can do to ensure uninterrupted freight during a very uncertain time.