Breakdown of Trucking Services

Breakdown of Trucking Services

It takes a lot of effort to move freight. One should not only make sure that the shipment arrives on time, but one should also ensure they get there safely. The trucking industry is the most used mode of transporting freight by land in the country. Trucks move almost 71% of freight tonnage.


Advantages of hiring a trucking service company

So why do people use trucking services? The answer is simple. Hiring a trucking service company is cost-effective. Clients do not have to worry about the logistics at all. There is no need to think about where to get a truck or how to load the cargo. The company will take care of everything. 


The people who handle the cargoes are also well-trained, so the cargo is in good hands. Since the employees only handle the freight at the pickup point and drop-off location, the probability of it getting damaged because of mishandling is also very low. A trucking service company also has the right equipment perfect for all shipping requirements.


The bad thing about a breakdown

A trucking service company relies heavily on the equipment. However, like most things, trailers are more prone to breakdowns as time goes by. Trailer breakdowns are bad for a trucking service company.  Each day that your vehicle is off the road translates to more losses in revenue.


Experiencing an emergency breakdown while you are in the middle of delivering goods can also cause huge problems and might put you in a vulnerable situation. It may also cause road accidents that could affect other drivers. When you can no longer solve the problem by doing minor repairs, it is time to consult a trucking trailer repair company.


Knowing the signs

The best way to address a trailer breakdown is to prevent it from happening. You should be wary of the signs your vehicle tells you. Take note of these and know when it is time to get a trucking trailer repair. Conducting a preventive maintenance checkup can also help prevent bigger problems.


  • Tire problems
  • Brake problems
  • Fluid leaks
  • Flickering lights
  • Warning lights are on
  • Constant jerking back and forth


If you notice any of these happening to your trailer, contact a trucking trailer repair company immediately. They can help prevent further damage to your equipment. If your delivery route is around Lafayette, IN, check out local companies offering trailer repair services. Supporting a local company will not only be convenient for you, but it will also be beneficial for both you and the community. 


At Spurlock Transport LLC, we understand the importance of ensuring that all vehicles and equipment work well. After all, they are the essence of the trucking service business. Having well-maintained trailers that are in their best conditions will help you conduct business smoothly and safely. We offer trucking trailer repair services to help get those trucks back on the Lafayette, IN road. If you think your trailer needs some repairs, contact us now for more information.