Ensuring That You Get The Right Trucking Company

Ensuring That You Get The Right Trucking Company

It’s easy to overlook some of the main things that keep our country running smoothly. Things like infrastructure and electrical grids are integral to our daily lives but are so commonplace that we barely think about them until something goes wrong. The same can be said about the transportation industry, and finding the right Lafayette transportation service is vital for any business that rely on shipping solutions.

Goods and products have to be moved to their destinations on a daily basis. It’s the foundation of our economy, and without trucking companies moving those products, the nation would quite literally crumble. Roughly 71% of the nation’s freight tonnage moves on the back of trucks. That’s why working with the best trucking company in Lafayette, IN is a key part of making sure your business thrives.

The Importance Of The Right Trucking Company
With more than 26 million trucks registered for business use, the transportation and shipping industry is massive. Hiring a reliable business to provide shipping services for your IN company is important for numerous reasons, including:

  • Better shipping speeds
  • Better customer service
  • Less risk to your bottom line
  • Full insurance
  • Fast, friendly service

Ideally, the Lafayette business that will handle your shipping will provide all of that and more. This lets you keep your business moving forward, ship products properly, and make sure that you get the kind of results you expect and deserve. With a less-than-great shipping service, you could lose profit, products, and customers.

What To Keep In Mind
There are several things you’ll need to remember to ensure that you choose a shipping business that provides the best results for your business and your bottom line. Some of the key things to do or look at are the following:

  • Be sure that the Lafayette business you’re talking to is able to handle your specific shipments. Certain goods or products may need special permits or licenses in order to be carried by a trucking company.


  • Ask about pickup. How does it work? Do you have to use your own trailers? Can you if you want to? Pickup is sometimes an overlooked part of shipping, but it shouldn’t be.


  • What kind of options do you have in terms of delivery times, pickups, and more? You should have the flexibility you need to get the most from your deliveries.


  • Pricing matters, but bear in mind that should you get not only a low price but also a fair one. Sometimes, paying a bit more for more reliability and better customer service is money well spent.

The Best For Your Needs
Understanding what you need and how to get it is vital for any Lafayette business that has to ship its products locally, statewide, or even nationwide. Keeping the points above in mind will ensure that you’re able to track down the right shipping business for you.

If you’re ready to see what a good shipping business can provide, contact Spurlock Transport today. We would be glad to give you more information about our transportation solutions.