Five Signs Your Reefer Trailer Needs Servicing

Five Signs Your Reefer Trailer Needs Servicing

Reefer shipping has been in high demand, leading to trailer shortages across the country. With demand so high, it’s imperative that reefer trailers stay in great working order so Lafayette truckers can capitalize on this demand. Understanding the early warning signs of reefer failure can help you catch a malfunction before it becomes a full breakdown. Here are some signs of issues to be aware of when you are driving a reefer load.


  1. Fluid Leaks


Reefer trailers use a variety of different types of fluids, so a fluid leak is an easily recognizable sign that there is a larger problem. It’s important to understand the differences in fluid textures to help diagnose the problem. However, you should take your trailer in for service at the first sign of leaked fluid.


  1. Sensor Malfunctions


If you’ve been getting notifications from your sensor that there is a malfunction, but after inspection nothing was found, it’s a good idea to have your reefer unit checked out by a mechanic. Even with no obvious failings, your unit needs to be properly calibrated for sensors to work. If not, you’ll get inaccurate temperature readings which can lead to damaged cargo.


  1. Door Seal Damage


Door seals are necessary to keep your load cool and protected. In order for your reefer to work correctly, the doors must be completely sealed. Door seals often need replacing simply from wear and tear. However, they can be a sign of other types of damage. If your door seals are wearing thin, make sure to have a mechanic do a full inspection to understand if there are any other factors contributing to the damage.


  1. Loose Parts


A good sign that your reefer trailer needs servicing is loose parts and hardware. If you find bolts, clamps, or coils in your trailer, they came from somewhere. Oftentimes, condensers lose parts during transport, so it’s a good idea to do a full inspection before leaving Lafayette to your destination. Otherwise, your load may experience damage. Although most of this damage will come out of your insurance, it can cost you in lost business. If you find any loose parts, contact a service professional immediately.


  1. Different Temperatures In The Trailer


If one area of your reefer trailer is colder than another, it could be a sign of a blocked bulkhead. Bulkheads circulate the air to keep an even temperature throughout the trailer. In the case of a blocked bulkhead, the front of the trailer will be excessively cold, while the back will be warmer.


Understanding the early warning signs of reefer truck failure can help you save money on expensive repairs and keep you running your load on time. A good idea is to have your reefer trailer regularly inspected by a certified mechanic so that you don’t miss any issues. At Spurlock Transport LLC in Lafayette, we can help. We not only repair malfunctions and failures, we offer a variety of affordable maintenance and service plans that will guarantee that your reefer trailer stays in great condition and you always get your load to the destination on time and at the right temperature. Give us a call to get started!