How Road Conditions And Natural Disasters Impact Trucking

How Road Conditions And Natural Disasters Impact Trucking

Almost every driver has complained about road conditions, potholes, poor roads, confusing detours. However, what if your income was dependent upon those poor road conditions? Ask any Lafayette trucker whose life and income depends on those roads and clear weather.

Road Conditions Are Getting Worse

Over 60% of American truckers say poor road conditions that make it dangerous to travel is one of the reasons they have chosen to leave the field. Many of those drivers have been on the road for over ten years and state they experience poor road conditions daily. For independent drivers, profit margins are starting to diminish because maintenance is becoming too expensive to stay in business. Then when a natural disaster occurs leaving their driving to a stand still, the trip was a total loss. 

The Top Four Issues Facing Truckers

Here are some of the biggest issues truck drivers face today and how it affects them.

1. Continued Population Growth:

Currently in the United States there are more than four million miles of roads, 600,000 bridges. Over the last 20 years federal, state and local money for repair and replacement has continued to decrease as population, congestion and backlogs of repairs continue to increase. 

2. Low World Ranking:

In less than a decade the United States has fallen from 7th to 18th in overall quality of roads causing the US to lag behind many of its overseas competitors transportation infrastructure investment. 

3. Poor Road Conditions:

Over 65% of the major roads in the United States are rated in less than good condition. One in four bridges require significant repair or are unable to handle today’s increased traffic. Reducing traffic is not an option as 45% of Americans lack access to transit or public transportation. 

4. Local Roads In Poor Condition:

Local and city roads are no better than highways. Many are in desperate need of resurfacing, pothole and crack repairs and leveling. These issues cost truckers in fuel consumption, tire wear and deterioration. 

Natural Disasters and Bad Roads

Natural disasters and bad roads is not only be a deadly combination but can cause an accident or worse, the death of a driver. It also diverts drivers from their usual routes causing them to lose time, cause damage to their trucks and lose money. The natural disasters that have the most devastating impact on the trucking industries are floods, hurricanes, blizzards, earthquakes, mud slides, and ice storms.

Hurricanes Are Especially Dangerous

Hurricanes cause not only delays in deliveries, but force gas prices up. Many Lafayette truckers are out helping to deliver supplies to hurricane victims making less available for transporting goods. 

Trucks waiting for goods at airports and seaports are unable to load the shipping containers as they cannot be unloaded due to flooding. Most Lafayette truck drivers have no options but to sit and wait. 

Spurlock Transport LCC is aware of the issues facing drivers today. We work hard to get the best drivers to haul where it needs to be delivered at a reasonable price. We also provide expert repair to our fellow truckers who face the road conditions at reasonable prices.