The 5 Main Types of Truck Hauling Jobs

The 5 Main Types of Truck Hauling Jobs

Trucks have been around delivering all sorts of goods in huge quantities from one location to another since the turn of the twentieth century. The US economy began to thrive because of localities that used smaller delivery trucks to move all sorts of products in short distances along basic roadways.

Have you ever heard the phrase that goes, “Without truck drivers, America stops”? The trucking industry in zones like Lafayette and other localities have gone a long way since its humble beginnings, helping our country forge a robust national economy that has also benefited the global market.

What are some of the types of hauling jobs that are part of today’s trucking industry? Read on to find out.

Types of Truck Hauling Jobs

Here are some of the hauling jobs that help drive our nation’s and the world’s economy forward.

Dry Van Hauling

Dry van hauling is one of the most well-known hauling jobs in the world of trucking. The term “dry van hauling” was coined precisely because the products being delivered in this type of hauling job do not require refrigeration. They are often referred to as “dry goods.”

In dry van hauling, trucks in IN and all other states use dry van trailers that were designed to keep all kinds of goods safe from the elements, debris, or road accidents that may occur. Many types of dry goods can be transported using dry van trailers, including non-perishables like bottled water, textiles, and plastic goods.

Livestock Hauling

Livestock hauling involves moving live land animals, such as poultry, cattle, and pigs, used for food. Shipping livestock requires extra care, especially when they have to be transported to far-off destinations. Various challenges could arise because of livestock hauling, including the “shrink” problem, which refers to the weight loss of livestock because of stress caused by long transit times.

Flatbed Hauling

Flatbed hauling is concerned with moving a wide array of big and heavy goods that require spacious containers with reliable support. Various types of equipment and other bulky goods are loaded onto flatbed trailers, making this option ideal for cargo that can be loaded using cranes as well as forklifts.

Reefer Hauling

The term “reefer” refers to a truck that delivers temperature-sensitive goods. Reefer trucks have a built-in refrigeration system to help prevent spoilage of fresh produce, meat products, and frozen goods that need to be kept cold while being transported from their respective sources to various stores.

Tanker Hauling

Liquids that are transported in massive quantities will fall under tanker hauling. They could range from non-hazardous liquids to chemicals or fuels that need to be moved from one location to another. Hazardous liquids typically require permits to be transported.  

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