Understanding the Basics of Power Only Trucking

Understanding the Basics of Power Only Trucking

If you have ever heard of power only trucking, then you are probably wondering exactly what it is and how it works. A lot of companies have their own loaded trailers but may lack the drivers or trucks needed to transport everything to its destination. 

Hiring a company for power only trucking means that they are providing you with the truck and the driver you need to haul your cargo and trailer to its destination. This kind of service can be implemented for a variety of loads and locations. 

It is a service that is designed to cater to your particular business and needs and allows you the freedom of not having to worry about the logistics involved with the transportation of your goods.

More Economical Solution

Power only trucking is a more economical solution for companies that may not be able to own their own trucks and hire their own drivers. Having to do these things can cost a company a lot of money. Sometimes a company may have its own trucks but have trouble finding a certified driver in time. Power only trucking services are definitely an advantage in this situation.

Fit Your Needs

These services are designed to fit your needs. So, companies that offer power only trucking services will typically utilize adjustable fifth wheel hitches that are made to accommodate a number of different trailer sizes and types. 

Power only trucking can also be used for flatbed trailers, tanker trailers, dry and refrigerated van trailers, shipping containers, and heavy equipment. 

If you have an oversize haul you need to transport, these companies can accommodate you. However, it is always good to know the specifications of your trailer and cargo before you find the driver and truck. This way, you are sure to find something that definitely fits your needs.

Reliable and Certified Drivers

Another advantage is the access to reliable and certified drivers. They can haul your cargo safely while ensuring that it makes it to its intended destination on time. With a power-only trucking company, you are hiring professionals that use certified drivers.

You are also not just limited to a single trailer shipment. Often, you can hire a team of drivers depending on the size, number of trailers, and your other logistical needs. You can also typically have local shipments done as well as long-distance or state to state shipments. 

Need Specialized Drivers?

If you have cargo that requires a driver that has experience with that type of shipment, then you can also find this with power only trucking companies. 

Again, they are there to suit your needs while offering you a more economical way to haul your goods without all the additional expenses that come in hand with having your own trucks and hiring your own drivers.

If you want more information on how power only trucking companies operate or you want to know more about the service, then contact Spurlock in Lafayette, IN today.